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FAQ’S Regarding Spay/Neuter
Q. What is spaying and neutering?
A. Both are surgical procedures carried out on animals under anaesthesia, which not only prevent reproduction but also reduce the risk of certain types of disease such as prostate, testicular and mammary cancers and uterine infections. A female is spayed and a male is neutered (castrated).

Q. Will the surgery change my pet?
A. It will eliminate the mating drive, making pets less aggressive and more relaxed as companions. It will also help to prevent undesirable behavior such as urine marking, roaming, fighting, mounting and howling.

Q. What is the best age to spay/neuter my pet?
A. Most veterinarians recommend spaying/neutering prior to the pet’s sexual maturity, between 5-7 months. However the procedure may be carried out at any age, with special consideration for any general health issues. The younger the animal, the less risk of disease in later life and the quicker it will recover from surgery.

Q. But if I find good homes for an unwanted litter, won’t it be ok?
A. For each puppy or kitten born each year, each person would have to own 9 dogs and 7 cats to keep any pets from being homeless. This would mean that a household of 4 people would have to own 36 dogs and 28 cats! Your dog can produce 2 litters and your cat 3-4 litters of 2-10 (or more) puppies or kittens each year. Relatives and friends can only take so many and the rest of the animals may eventually end up abandoned or in a shelter. For every home you find, a homeless shelter animal loses that potential adoption.

Q. What is TNR?
A. Trap-Neuter-Release is a spay/neuter programme for feral and free living cats and dogs. Cats and dogs are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, given a health check and returned to their normal habitats. This programme is for cats only.
Thanks to financial support from the Paphos Animal Welfare Committee, other animal welfare charities and individuals, we have been able to carry out far more operations throughout 2008/9 in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens around the island.

Please note that the TNR programme is for feral and free living cats only and they must be returned to their own habitats after treatment unless they are considered to be at risk, in which case they would be given sanctuary at our shelter.

For more information or to volunteer to assist with the programme please telephone :-(00357) 26953496

Paphiakos & CCP Animal Welfare are offering free spay/neuter programme,
funded by the Government, for unwanted and stray cats only