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Cruelty Cases


There are so many cruelty cases coming into Paphiakos every day!
Please scroll down to see just a small selection

Caution! some of the stories/photos are alarming!

If you feel you do not have the time or commitment to re-home one of our rescue animals we would dearly love to find Sponsors to help towards their care. If you can help ring 00357 26946461

Please help us!
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Being tolerant means, among other things, accepting that there are people who are ready any minute to look after an animal, to keep it safe, to love it and make it part of their family, and in the same time it means accepting that there very well may be people who are not prepared to keep an animal, for whatever reason. BUT BEING ABUSIVE TOWARDS AN ANIMAL IS NOT TO BE ACCEPTED, IS NOT TO BE TOLERATED IN ANY WAY!!!


            Some people – so many of them, tragically – might have not understood what a dog is all about.  A dog will ALWAYS LOVE humans, independently of what humans might do to it. A dog will ALWAYS TRY TO FIND ITS WAY BACK HOME if abandoned in the middle of the road, and in so many cases it succeeds to come back. A dog will ALWAYS GIVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to whoever owns it, BECAUSE A DOG DOESN’T KNOW ANY DIFFERENT. And yes, dogs will ONLY become violent and aggressive if the treatment they receive is abusive, if they receive any special aggressive training and if they are mistreated. AND EVEN SO, DOGS WILL ALWAYS LOVE THE PEOPLE AROUND THEM.


Martha Blue Eyes was brought into the Clinic in the most terrible state, with her front right leg stripped down to the bone, an ear chopped off and a piece of skin missing from the collar bone. This is one of the worst cruelty cases we here at Paphiakos have ever seen. She had been used as bait for illegal dog fighting and she was in terrible, terrible pain. She was 4.5 months old when she came to us in such a dreadful state. Over several weeks, Martha Blue Eyes underwent a few surgeries, skin grafts, and was administered a lot of morphine to help soothe her pain. She was a survivor! Never once throughout the whole ordeal did she stop wagging her tail, never once did she stop greeting people happily and kindly… Such an amazing dog!


4 months later, Martha Blue Eyes was now ready to travel to England, to her forever home! Away from all the cruelty, from all the madness of her young life, all the way to a comfortable sofa, in the middle of a family whose centre she became. She was 9 months old when she left for her new life after she had been a victim of cruelty. She is one of the lucky ones!

























At 10.00 am Saturday 17th Jan we were informed a cat had been skinned from its neck downwards including its front legs with just some fur on the end of its body and its tail. The head although still covered in fur is a complete mess and blood leaking from nose, mouth, eyes and ears. This cat is a black and white Persian and was found hanging by one back leg.
It was found was at the Futsal (playground for football) at Kolon, a small village next to Geroskipou. The cat is now at Paphiakos and we have photographs of the place where the cat was found and the condition of the cat. Despite working for Paphiakos for many years, the people who saw the poor soul said they have never seen such cruelty bestowed upon any animal, and they cannot imagine how much pain that poor cat went through before death finally claimed it.



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 Another terrible cruelty case arrived in the Paphiakos Clinic!

We are very low on funds, this poor dog deserves a chance. A terrible cruelty case that survived near death but now needs specialist surgery, we just do not have the funds, please help. even 5 euros will go a long way Thank you for your support from all of us at Paphiakos.                  Sad News!
We have to report the sad news that the dog almost ready to undergo surgery, has sadly died. €96.00 of the total collected so far has been used for treatments already administrated. Please read the following report from the vet explaining the dogs condition...

Large breed dog ( Caucasian) was presented in our clinic , 15/07/14. The dog was in an obvious bad state. The most obvious reason for his physical malaise was a very large complicated infected wound. The clinical examination revealed mild fever 39.5, fast heart rate, pale membranes and very weak pulses. These findings in combination with the fact that during his first blood examination a marked neutrophilia was found raising suspicions that the dog suffered from septicaemia. The wound margins began from above the ear and continued ventrally to the thorax. It was covering approximately 25% of the body surface area. The wound was very infected and many fly larvae (maggots) were found. It was calculated that during the first wound cleaning 200 maggots were retrieved!. Many maggots were not able to be removed because they remained hidden in the crypts (holes) they were buried very deep inside the body of the dog. The wound was cleaned thoroughly with Beda tine scrub solutions and ivermectin plus antibiotics were given. During the whole treatment the dog was supported with iv fluid replacement.
The wound was thoroughly cleaned twice a day . All the maggots were removed and the wound appeared to be cleaned. However, the physical state of the dog began to deteriorate. He never regained a normal appetite and he was unwilling to walk, he did not urinate in spite of the large volume of fluids he received. The kidney parameters were slightly increased and leismania test was negative.
Sadly the dog passed away quietly 18/07/14. His death was attributed to his bad physical condition and to the toxins the abundant maggots produced to an already fragile organism.
For the time being your kind donations will be held in the Paypal account so your contributions will not be in vain, varying cruelty cases come in tragically, on too often a basis, as the harsh reality has shown us all of late. Hopefully with your permissions we can utilize your donations on another justifying case .Thank you for your understanding

Poor Princess!!










These images show the mere beginning of what has been happening since Paphiakos has stopped taking rescues in, due to lack of FUNDING AND SPACE. This tortured dog – privately owned!!! - was abandoned at the shelter gates in the middle of the night, still alive but in the WORST condition possible. With severe hair loss, claws never cut, full of ticks and with puss in her eyes and elsewhere! After data and microchip scan “Princess”, as she was called, had to be euthanized on the spot due to the terrible state she was in and even this procedure was difficult to administrate. Darling Princess, now you are at peace and away from all the harm you must have endured during your life… Like Billy, like Martha, like all the many-many others that suffered like you have, dear Princess, it is with anger, pain and sadness, but with determination that we now put this matter into the hands of the authorities, that have both the means and the ways to bring your “owners” and torturers to a long awaited justice.

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 dog infested with ticks!

























  Cat njured 16-9-13     











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limassol rescue-4-28-8-10.jpg - 75.47 Kb limassol rescue-5-28-8-10.jpg - 79.59 Kb limassol rescue-6-28-8-10.jpg - 77.58 Kb







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 DSCN2465.JPG - 57.36 Kb DSCN2464.JPG - 58.61 Kb INJURED CAT 3 18-6-10.JPG - 116.85 Kb INJURED CAT18-6-10.JPG - 137.39 Kb INJURED CAT2-18-6-10.JPG - 126.33 Kb











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