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Dog Law

After many years of discussion a radical new law was finally introduced on 1st October 2004.

Cyprus has a very large population of stray dogs and a reluctance to take dog ownership in a responsible manner but the new law is set out to correct this. The law aims to reduce stray dog population by controlling indiscriminate breeding, dog abandonment and theft. The authorities responsible for enforcing the law are the municipalities and community councils,assisted by inspectors from the veterinary services and the district animal welfare communities.

Mandatory Registration is only given if the owner has a health certificate, ID certificate with microchip and a central registration certificate.

If a dog is sold or given away the license must be transferred. If the dog is lost the police and municipality must be informed.

Municipalities have the right to inspect the living conditions of the dog.

Licenses can be denied and the dog euthanized if the dog is proven dangerous.

The owner of the dog must display a ‘Beware of the dog’ sign at the residence.

Owners of hunting dogs must obtain a hunting licence and no more than two dogs are to be taken on hunts at any one time.

If the living conditions of the dog are contrary to the law, the dog must be given to the animal protection society or any interested person but cannot euthanized for 30 days.

Stray dogs must be kept in proper pounds. The owner of a stray dog must pay the expenses for catching and keeping the dog.

If the owner cannot be found in 15 days the dog is rehomed or euthanized. Not having a dog license incurs a heavy fine.