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Paphiakos’s EYES are Open!

  John Tremain E U  Funding Project Manager

John Tremain

Since 2012 Paphiakos has been one of the hosting organisations for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYES) business exchange programme.

The intermediary organisations for the programme in Cyprus include the European Office, the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Business and Professional Women.

This broad band of representation provides a structured platform for exchanging experience and knowledge. In fact the network put us in contact with one of the leading lights of the programme who was very impressed with our dedication and professionalism. The Erasmus initiative is part of a major EU funded Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) which enables individuals to pursue stimulating learning opportunities across Europe.

The scheme will pay a monthly salary which helps young people on the first rung of a business ladder , it is monitored by work plans which are agreed by all parties and at the end of the placement a final report is prepared.

Our first participant under this programme was a young Greek Vet, Nefeli Damigoy, who worked with our medical team for 6 months. In addition to developing her medical skills
Nefeli learnt about our sales and marketing programmes , which will be important factors when she starts her own practice.

In the face of strong competition Nefeli later won the first prize as the best New Entrepreneur for the progamme in Cyprus and she now works full time for Paphiakos . This is a strong measure of the success of the initiative and our committment to education .

Katerini Konstantouaki was the next Vet who we hosted under EYEs and she is now working full time at a veterinary practice in Greece. We have also help to train young veterinary nurses from Solvenija and a group of Italians under the Eurpopean Training for Sustainable Tourism programme.

We shall be keeping you up to date with our progress over the forthcoming months with these educational schemes which are designed to help young people find jobs.