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Clinical Education

Every year Paphiakos and CCP Animal Welfare plays host to a number of young people from around the globe. These are usually veterinary students from a variety of ‘schools’, newly qualified vets or animal studies students who will go on to choose a career either in veterinary medicine or shelter or zoo management.
In return for accommodation, the chance to work in a (for them) novel environment and more importantly, the practical experience a busy organisation like Paphiakos provides in a wide variety of areas. These young people volunteer their time and energy for anything from two to six weeks at a time. The part they play depends very much on their skills on arrival. Trainee vets and newly qualified vets often carry the burden of our neuter, spay and release programme under the watchful eyes of the clinic’s permanent staff, whilst releasing the clinic vets to spend more time with private patients or to deal with any of the more demanding tasks that come through the door on a daily basis. Animal studies students, on the other hand, spend most of their time at the shelter, helping tend the large variety of animals who call the shelter home, experiencing the problems of organising such a large establishment at
first hand. By the end of their stay it is hoped that everyone will have had a wide variety of experiences, mostly pleasant, that will have helped them not only develop their skills and interests but increased their self confidence in their chosen field. And, of course, given them a greater awareness of what is involved not only in practical veterinary work but more importantly, the varied and demanding everyday work of an animal welfare organisation.

For further details on this scheme we run at Paphiakos Animal welfare, please contact Sue Pitkethly e-mail ems@cyprusanimalwelfare.com 

Please visit our 'Work Experience at Paphiakos Clinic' on Facebook

 Clinical Education 8-8-13