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EU Training


  Congratulations to Dr Nefeli Damigou 

nefeli'saward-sept2012.jpg - 38.96 KbAlthough Cyprus has only recently been involved in the Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs (EYES) business exchange programme, Paphiakos has already hosted Nefeli Damigou, who is a young Greek Vet for a period of 6 months.On 3rd September Nefeli made a presentation of her experiences as a young entrepreneur at the International Congress on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Nicosia University.During the presentation she spoke about her achievements since working with Paphiakos and how the organisation has help prepare her to start her own Veterinary Practice.
Nefeli's excellent talk about her experiences under the Erasmus Programme won her the first prize in an island wide competition for New Entrepreneurs.
Paphiakos EU Project Manager,John Tremain said "we are delighted with Nefeli's well deserved success and that she is now employed by our organisation".He added that "Katerina, who is another young Vet, will be joining us under this programme and we are always looking for more hosting Organisations for this important programme."


 Slovenian Students Training Course

In response to a request from the shelter staff, Dr Bogan Zdovc kindly gave a presentation on the causes of contagious and transmissible diseases. During his talk he emphasized the risks of new organisms to the existing animals at the shelter.
Dr Zdovc is a lecturer at the Biotechnical Education Centre, Ljubljana , Slovenia and he led a group of six Veterinary Nurse Students from the Centre on a Leonardo da Vinci life long learning programme. The students learnt new skills at our modern clinic and shelter during their 2 week placement at Paphiakos and they passed an assessment of their performance. In this picture the students are shown with their certificates which were awarded by Paphiakos for  their work with us .Dr Zdovc is keen to send another group of students to train with us in the future.

Slovinian Students August 2012


Slovinian Students Visit Aug2012
























We have been working with Italian communities under a project called European Training for Sustainable Tourism. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to the EU funded training programme, which provides educational experiences to young people in the field of rural tourism.


2012-07-03 15.36.01.jpg - 137.66 Kb

The project involves sending 80 people from 4 regions in Italy to organisations in other EU countries, so that they can learn the best practices of sustainable tourism. Paphiakos was selected as a hosting partner because of its strong links with environmental protection and our good educational track record.
Recently a group of 8 Italian students have arrived and will be based with us for 5 months. They are working in a variety of locations and are offered the important in-house skills of animal welfare, marketing, sales, customer service. They are working in teams of 2 on a rotational basis at a variety of locations eg; hotel groups, tour operators and ourselves to learn best practices in sustainable tourism.  However, it’s more than simply learning from us because they are using their new skills to Observe -Monitor-Evaluate-Recommend improvements with a sharp business focus. This will be effected in a series of case studies which will be summarised and presented at the CSTI AGM in October. The high level objective is to set minimum standards for sustainability within organisations in Cyprus.
The individual organisations will also have a presentation of their findings ... it’s therefore a Life Long Learning circle.
However on a broader front we will also be working with other Cypriot organisations who share our environmental aims. This will include hotels who have won Responsible Tourism Awards and a local Environmental Study Centre. To summarise together with our European and local partners we can make a difference.
Both Mediterranean islands of Sardinia and Cyprus have many other similarities’ such as a strong agricultural background and a rapidly developing tourism trade which can often cause social tensions. This is an important step that we at Paphiakos are making to promote Responsible Tourism by making “better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.


2012-07-03 14 45 14 (2).jpg - 120.82 Kb



Lara Bay Expedition August 2012 (Turtles)

Paphiakos staff along with the Italian interns from the life long learning intiative called the Leonardo Da Vinci project, along with the President of Environmental studies MrArgyris Ianniou and his wife Loulou visited Lara BayTurtle beach to raise awareness studies for the protection of endangered species "The Turtle" here in Cyprus

lara-bay26-8-12 collage.jpg - 81.79 Kb


Paphiakos’s EYES are Open!

John Tremain  E U Funding Project Manager, January 2012

  os’s EYES are Open!John Tremain  E U  Funding Project Manager, January 2012Paphiakos’s EYES are Open!John Tremain  E U  Funding Project Manager, January 2012Paphiakos’s EYES are Open!John Tremain  E U  Funding Project Manager, January 2012 jt-eyes.jpg - 34.62 Kb

Although Cyprus has only recently become involved in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYES) business exchange programme, Paphiakos is now one of its hosting organisations.  The intermediary organisations for the programme in Cyprus include the European Office, the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Business and Professional Women. This broad band of representation provides a structured platform for exchanging experience and knowledge. In fact the network put us in contact with one of the leading lights of the programme who was very impressed with our dedication and professionalism. The Erasmus initiative is part of a major EU funded Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) which enables individuals to pursue stimulating learning opportunities across Europe. Funding and this scheme will pay a monthly salary which helps young people on the first rung of a business ladder. The programme is monitored by work plans which are agreed by all parties and at the end of the placement a final report is prepared.  

We are delighted to welcome our first EYES recruit a young Greek Veterinarian called Nefeli Damigoy who will be working with our medical team.In addition to developing her medical skills Nefeli will also learn about our sales and marketing programmes which will be important factors when she starts her own practice.This is our first involvement with the Lifelong Learning Programme but there are several more in the pipeline and we believe they demonstrate our commitment to education.