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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions which have not been answered on this page, please email your enquiry to:- info@cyprusanimalwelfare.com  and we will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively please telephone (00357) 26946461


Q. What are the opening hours for the Veterinary Clinic?


A. The Paphiakos Clinic in Paphos is open seven days a week from 7am to 7pm and provides a 24 hour emergency cover (00357) 99655581. Our Polis Clinic is open seven days a week 9am - 2pm. Please visit Clinic page for more detailed information. 




 Q.  Can Paphiakos arrange the Import/Export of my pet?


A. Yes, Paphiakos can provide all the travel arrangements required, including Pet Passport, blood tests etc. to either Import or Export all your pets including delivery door to door. Please visit Services/Pet Travel page for further information.


Q. Can I board my pet with Paphiakos?

A. Yes we provide boarding facilities for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits etc. Please telephone (00357) 26946461 to arrange, or visit our Services/Boarding page


Q. My dog needs a haircut and groom?

A. Paphiakos provide a Grooming Service. Please visit Services/Grooming for further information or telephone (00357)26946461 to make an appointment.


Q. My dog’s claws are too long, how do I cut them?

A. When a dog’s claws become too long it can become uncomfortable and cause discomfort when they walk. It can be dangerous to try to clip them yourself, so it is advisable to bring your dog to the Clinic and have them professional clipped or arrange for a Pawdicure which also aids in preventing dried and cracked pads.


Q. I would like to help the charity, but I only have a few spare hours?

A. Paphiakos are always in need of voluntary help in many areas of the charity. Please visit  Help section to find out more or ring  (00357)26946461 for further information.


Q.  My dog and cat both have special dietary requirements, can I buy these products from the  Clinic?

A. The Paphiakos Clinic and Accessory shop provide various special dietary foods and supplements. Please call into the Clinic to see the large selection available.


Q. What do I have to do to sponsor an animal?

A. Please visit the Sponsorship section to find out more.


How to Find Us

Head Office/Clinic & Rescue Centre:

12 Dedalos Buildings,
8049 Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Our postal address is:
PO Box 61272
8132 Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Telephone: (00357) 26953496

Rescue / Emergencies (00357)99655581

Fax: tele:(00357) 26222236

email:- info@cyprusanimalwelfare.com


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