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Good Morning, my name is Andrea Bell, new to Paphiakos and excited to be part of the volunteer team. Paphiakos 18th Annual Hot Dog Show 2015 will be taking place in Paphos Harbour on Sunday 3rd May 2015. To make our event a success, we need Volunteers in the following categories:
 Night Security
 Day Security
 Set up the event
 Dismantle the event
 Entrance cover
 Arena Stewards
 Information desk
 Name the puppy
 Table Cleaners
 Tuck Shop
 We welcome previous supporters and volunteers, your friends and would like to encourage young people (15 years and over – we will team young people with an adult up to ensure suitable supervision). This year we would like to make it  bigger, better and well organised. In order to achieve this goal, we require assistance to cover each section from 8am until 12pm, from 12pm until 4pm, and some requirement for early and later start and finish times.
 If you can help in any category, please can you email me confirmation - at sales@cyprusanimalwelfare.com - that you can attend, which position, what hours you are available and a contact number and email if possible. Volunteers make these events a success. It would be helpful if I could confirm volunteer numbers by 31st March 2015. I am generally at the office above the T-rooms/clinic if you would like to pop in and have a chat with me or contact my mobile number 99265443.
Thank you for helping me to help Paphiakos and hope to hear favourably from you very soon. Andrea Bell (Volunteer)


HELP IS NEEDED PLEASE ! Are you a rabbit lover? We are looking for volunteers to help for 1-2 hours per day with the rabbit shelter. There are 12 rabbits, all lovely and needing care. If interested please telephone 99 920 171. Thank you !


Do you like shop work ?
Do you want to help animals?
Do you like a challenge where you can see an end product?
Do you have you organising skills and initiative?
Do you have 4 hours a week to spare?

If you can answer YES to the above please ring:- (00357) 26946461

  Urgent Appeal

We need urgent help with the rabbits and more dog walkers. Our dogs need more exercise and human contact. Anyone who is interested please contact the clinic on 26946461 or you can visit the clinic to register as volunteer and then come to our Shelter.
Thank you all

 Events Events Events !
We continually hold Fundraising Events to raise much needed funds for the Charity. Help is always need help with these events.
If you can spare any time to help with any of these functions or further information on dates etc. please contact Joy 99249497

Charity Shop Help required

 Paphiakos have Charity shops in Paphos, Peyia, Polis and our Book Exchange shop in Tremithousa. We need committed people who can help sort and grade the huge amount of donated articles in our charity shops.This task is fundamental to our fundraising.


Stall / Car Boot Sale Assistants

Helpers required to assist with our Stall on Wednesday at the Duck Pond and our Saturday Market. 

·         Drivers- 4 hours daily must be physically fit

·         Charity Shop – sort & grade donated articles

·         Leaflet & Poster Distributor

·         Dog walkers required at the clinic & Shelter

·         Horse & Donkey Groomers         

·         Office staff to for General Admin duties.

·         Cat Shelter - help needed various times

·         General Shelter Maintenance 

·         Clinic Puppy Kennel Assistant

  If you feel you could help the charity with any of these positions or for further information please ring (00357) 26946461