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Our organisation is host to hundreds of dogs. Big, small, younger, older, fat, skinny, some wild and some tame, all the dogs in our care are wonderful souls in need of a home. 

The rehoming process of the organisation does not start only when one comes to adopt a dog. It rather starts much earlier than that, with all the walks the dogs are being taken on by dog walking volunteers, with all the times they are kept - under supervision - in the company of cats, in order for them to be "cat-assessed" (to see if they could go to a home where there are cats present). Finally, the rehoming process ends with the vaccinations, microchip and spay or neuter surgery that are incurred. 

The vaccinations, microchip and spay or neuter surgery are "animal welfare". Because here at the organisation we fight for a cleaner and safer environment for animals and humans alike, where animals suffer of less diseases, especially sexually transmitted, cancers and so on. Finally, it is for an environment where stray and private animals are neutered/spayed in order for them not to produce more offspring, adding to the problem. 

So when you decide to rehome a dog, the "animal welfare" package is mandatory. You must take home a vaccinated dog (preventing him from getting ill from any of the diseases he was vaccinated against), a microchipped dog (like humans, dogs need identification too. In case of loss or theft, a correctly registered microchip will be the safest way of reuniting you to your beloved dog) and a spayed/neutered dog, who will not produce any offspring, thus contributing somewhat to keeping the population of stray animals under control. 

Finally, when you rehome a dog from our shelter, you don't have to pay anything for it. The dog comes free of charge. What you have to pay for is the "rehoming package" described above - the vaccinations, the microchip and the spay or neuter surgery. Upon microchipping the dog you will also be given all the necessary paperwork in order to register the dog with the local authorities, the municipality where you live.

Please find what dogs are available for rehoming in our On-going Rehoming Campaign on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Paphiakos/

PS: Please remember "DOGS ARE FOR LIFE, NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS". Treat them with respect and love and they will love you more than life itself. Teach your children to care for them and love them like they deserve. Please be kind to animals and always remember they feel pain, sorrow, happiness and stress just like humans do.