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Pet Cremation



Paphiakos & CCP Animal Welfare now provide a Pet Cremation Service.

A selection of coffins available and cremains can be returned in beautiful urns.

For information please ring

Tel: (00357) 26946461

Fax: (00357) 26222236

email:- reception@cyprusanimalwelfare.com


Saying goodbye to a long-time friend is painful. We work with clients to ensure their pet's comfort and dignity in the final stage of their life

Deciding how to say a final farewell to our pets has been a problem for all pet owners in Cyprus. With this problem in mind we decided to establish a full cremation service to assist all Cyprus pet owners. We can offer individual cremation where the animals are cremated alone and you will receive the ashes back in a wooden casket or group cremation where the animal will be cremated along with many other animals and the ashes are not returned. We offer a collection service island wide and for individual cremation we will return the ashes to you by courier.


               Individual Cremation                                 Group Cremation          

           0-7kg  €250                                         0 - 7kg   €30

         7 -15kg  €300                                         7 - 15kg €60

       15 - 25kg  €350                                       15 - 25kg €80

       25 - 35kg  €400                                       25 - 35kg €120

       35 - 45kg  €450                                       35 - 45kg €140

       45 - 50kg  €500                                       45 - 50kg €160

       50 - 55kg  €550                                       50 - 55kg €180

      55 + to be advised                                   55+ to be advised

Our aim is to help you prepare the final farewell of your pet and
we will always try to accommodate all of your wishes.