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Pet Passport


The Pet Passport Travel Scheme (P.E.T.S.)

 EU Pet Travel Pet Passport

The Pet Passport Travel Scheme (P.E.T.S.) is a scheme whereby Cats, Dogs & Ferrets which meet the requirements, (shown below) are allowed to travel throughout Europe without the need to go though quarantine!




Requirements of the Pet Passport Travel Scheme (P.E.T.S)

Pet Cats and Dogs must :

• Be fitted with a permanent identification microchip e.g. (AVID microchip)
• Have been vaccinated against rabies.
• Have a Health Check, including anti-parasite treatment before traveling.
• Travel in an International Air Transport Association (I.A.T.A) approved containers.

If all of the above requirements are not complied with, your pet will not be allowed entry into the UK. It will either be placed into quarantine, or be returned to the country it has come from.
The AVID microchip system is P.E.T.S approved.

International pet travel does require planning; however, if you follow some simple steps it doesn't have to be any more complex than domestic travel. The most important thing to remember is that just like with human travel, pets also need additional documentation in order to enter a country. It is also important to check with your country of origin, let them know where you are traveling to, and ask what documentation you will need for re-entry.

There are also a variety of other details to consider when planning a trip abroad. We provide more specific information and contacts on our Import/Export page.

If you wish to prepare your Cat or Dog for the scheme or to find our more about it, please contact our Import/Export Manager Sarah

   Telephone:(00357)26946461 ext.103
  Fax: (00357) 26222236
E-mail: importexport@cyprusanimalwelfare.com



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